Kyle Bell breaks his summer record

Kyle Bell breaks his summer record

Top junior all around rider in the province

Top all around junior rodeo competitor in B.C., Kyle Bell says it's the competition and the adrenaline he likes best.

Top all around junior rodeo competitor in B.C., Kyle Bell says it’s the competition and the adrenaline he likes best.

With steer riding as his favourite event, Kyle competes in junior breakaway roping, open breakaway roping, steer riding, team roping, calf roping all across B.C.

Kyle says he would run between events at the rodeos because he was competing in so many categories.

“As soon as I threw my rope in breakaway, I’d be running to throw on my chaps [for the steer riding],” he said.

He placed top in steer riding, second in junior breakaway roping and won finals in open breakaway – winning top all around junior rider in the B.C. Amateur Rodeo Association this summer.

“We’ve been busy for about 30 weekends straight, and that’s not even an exaggeration,” said Nikki Royer, Mom of Kyle and Kristin, who also competes in rodeos across B.C.

Kristin owns two horses, rides them both daily, and competes in barrel racing, open breakaway roping and team roping in the BCRA.

Her favourite is barrel racing because it’s fast and competitive, she said.

She placed second in the open breakaway finals, sixth in the open breakaway season, and twelfth in the barrel racing season.

“It was a good year this year,” she said.

Nikki says Kristin competes against stiff competition, including some riders who race pro, so she had good success this year.

“They’ve done awesome and I’m proud of them both,” she said.

She says her favourite part about the rodeos is competing and hanging with the people there.

“Everybody is pretty much like family. It’s the same people every weekend and you get to know everybody pretty good,” she said.

Nikki agrees.

“It’s a good group of people, and if anything happened, travelling down the road, anybody would be there to help you. It’s a great environment,” she said.

Kyle and Kristin started riding and rodeoing when they were six years old.

Kyle says his dad did roping at home lots, and he remembers going around with him.

He started roping off a horse at eight years old, Nikki said.

Kyle says next year he will be bumped into other events because of his age, 16, but he will continue competing in all the events he can – maybe even bull riding, he said to the dismay of his mom.

“That’s open for discussion,” Nikki said.

“That’s a no,” she added, laughing.

Kristin said she also definitely plans to pursue rodeoing.

Having just graduated, she is looking at getting a job in Kamloops and doing rodeos and competing there, she said.

Kristin thanks her Mom for driving them to the rodeos and thanks Bell Brothers Contracting for the fuel sponsorship.