Skateboard Competition in Houston’s Jamie Baxter Park

At least 30 youth came out to compete in the skateboard competition held in Jamie Baxter Park.

Brady Davey

Brady Davey

At least 30 youth crowded the Jamie Baxter park for the skateboard and scooter competitions during the Harvest Festival afternoon.

The competition was to engage the youth that are pretty disengaged, and was run by the Dze L K’ant and Houston friendship centres in partnership with Rays.

Travis Hebert, who started all-nations skate boarding – a part of the team drop-in centre project – led the competition, yelling encouragements to the young skaters and to the crowd to get them cheering.

The results are as follows:

In the skateboard category, ages 10 to 13, first place went to Tical Hall, second to Nigel Mortimer, and third to Brady Davey.

In skateboarding ages 14 to 17, Dustin Darling took first, Carlo Parales second, and Nick Ortiz third.

For skateboarding ages 18 and older, Trenton Bruhjell came in first, with Alex Heinrichs in second, and Mike Corfe in third.

The award for the best trick went to Markus Haines, and the winner of the game S.K.A.T.E. was Alex Heinrichs.

In the scooter category, first place was given to Nick Ortiz, second to Aidan French, and third to Walker McEwen.