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North Terrace clinches victory in tight Terrace Cricket Club championship

Satnam Kang’s century drives team to win in riveting match against South Terrace

The Terrace Cricket Club’s championship on Sept. 24 was a celebratory spectacle of athletic prowess, marked by an intensely fought match that attracted and enthralled a crowd of spectators.

Terrace Cricket Club President Kam Siemens recounted the nail-biting contest, ultimately clinched by the North Terrace team in a victory over their South Terrace counterparts. “It was such a tight match, so intense,” Siemens remarked, highlighting the outstanding performance of Satnam Singh who achieved a remarkable century, a formidable feat in the cricket realm.

“A century is basically scoring 100 points,” Siemens explained. Singh was the tournament’s sole player to reach this milestone, contributing significantly with over half of North Terrace’s final score of 194 points to 180 for the South Terrace Team, headed by captain Soma Sundaram. “It was really amazing gameplay,” Siemens said, praising Singh’s extraordinary skills, which earned him the title of “Batter of the Series.”

“The guy is out of this world,” Siemens said. “I don’t know what this guy is made of. He’s such a phenomenal player.”

The North Terrace team, captained strategically by Sandeep Sharma, demonstrated not only their cricket acumen but also a commendable level of sportsmanship throughout the championship. Sharma’s leadership, particularly in strategic decisions regarding batting and bowling orders, played a pivotal role in steering the team toward their triumphant outcome.

Vijay Sharma was distinguished as the “Man of the Series,” lauded for his exceptional play across various categories.

Siemens expressed immense pride in the sportsmanship exhibited by all participating players. Furthermore, exciting developments are on the horizon for the Terrace Cricket Club with the establishment of the Northwest Cricket Association. This new body heralds the formation of cricket clubs in Thornhill and Kitimat and sets the stage for an invitational event to commence the season.

Looking ahead to Riverboat Days 2024, a grand cricket tournament is in the planning phase, with teams from across British Columbia expected to participate. The association anticipates recruiting over 100 players, with each club rostering approximately 20 players.

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“We’re hoping to have enough players for at least three teams, but we would love to see the association grow to at least five,” Siemens said. “Our home base will always be in Thornhill, though.”

Efforts are underway to secure sponsorships for each team, according to Siemens. “Even though it’s the Terrace Cricket right now, we could get another team sponsored and get a corporate name,” she noted. With aspirations of expanding to at least five teams, the association is actively promoting cricket in the region, encouraged by the construction of a new pitch at Thornhill Agricultural Grounds — the second of its kind in northern B.C.

“Other than what’s in Prince George, you’d have to go to the Lower Mainland, if you want to play cricket on a properly constructed pitch,” Siemens said.

The prospect of additional sports opportunities, Siemens believes, adds allure to Terrace and Thornhill as desirable places to live, work, and play.

“We want to give residents a sense of community. I think we’re finally achieving that, and that’s the biggest gift that we have,” Siemens said. “If we can provide that — and in cricket’s case, that means a proper cricket pitch and a club that supports all this — more people will stay.”

In the aftermath of the championship, the focus now shifts to scouting and recruitment ahead of the Northwest Cricket Club’s launch party on Oct. 15 and the annual general meeting in December. With the new pitch underway, Siemens also expressed optimism about becoming affiliated with Cricket Canada and anticipates that some players will be scouted for their extraordinary abilities.

The exciting cricket championship not only showcased athletic talent but also marked a significant milestone for the sport in the region, Siemens said.

When asked about how it felt when the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine approved the cricket pitch after the Terrace Cricket Club worked diligently for years to get the City of Terrace to approve it, Siemens said it was incredible.

“It’s very surreal,” Siemens said. “When you work towards something for so long and you accomplish it, you ask yourself, ‘Now what?’ and right now we’re working to implement other programs to get the area involved in the sport.”

Viktor Elias joined the Terrace Standard in April 2023.

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