New trail almost ready for winter use on Mount Harry Davis

New trail almost ready for winter use on Mount Harry Davis

Houston Mountain Bike Association begins packing trails with snow shoes, Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club trails see signs of bear

The Houston Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) had their monthly meeting at the Pleasant Valley Plaza on Nov. 14, 2017 to discuss the new trail, Padawan, which will be their easiest green trail to date and is expected to be ready for fat-bikers once the snow has been packed down snow-shoe hikers.

Miake Elliott, member of the HMBA, said, “This trail is great for brand new riders, it also has tables that you can use to make jumps as you eventually build your confidence.”

The trail is 1.6 kilometers long. Planning and design begin in May of this year, construction began in August, and was just recently finished this past October.

“To date, this trail was constructed from over 120 volunteer hours,” said Elliott.

Elliott added that there is still a lot of work to be done to finished the other half of the trail, and the plan is to create a loop within Padawan and Sticks and Stones which has view points and will be about two kilometers long.

Snow-shoe trail packing is the most important thing right now to make the trails usable for riders of fat-bikes.

The Houston Mountain Bike Association asks to stay off the trails when the snow is soft and sloppy, as this will ruin the foundation for trail riding in the winter.

Annual memberships with the HMBA include access to the trails on Mount Harry Davis for winter use as well.

For more information on snow-shoe trail packing gatherings, guided tour days of the trails on Mount Harry Davis, and other updates visit the HMBA Facebook page.

According to the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club (MMNSC) Facebook page, signs of a bear have been spotted on the trails.

“Heads up, three of us ski addicts have been out the last couple of days and Mr. Bear has been paddling back and forth across all our trails,” said the MMNSC Facebook page.

The post said that Trespass, Moose Swamp, Loop de Do, Smiles and Mainline were trails the skiers noticed signs of bear activity.

“Good idea not to go alone,” said the MMNSC post.

Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club says the dog trails are not skiable yet. For more information on trails, usability, and bear status up on the cross country ski trails, visit MMNSC Facebook page.