Houston Board to manage local BVSS soccer

Previously run out of Smithers, Houston is now managing its own soccer budget and field development.

Houston is taking over management of its own soccer program.

Previously run out of Smithers, the Bulkley Valley Soccer Society (BVSS) is now giving Houston its own board and budget.

This is “very positive,” said soccer Mom and 13-year volunteer Ruby Kenzle.

“It was time that Houston take care of itself. It only made sense that we have our own Houston board to deal with Houston soccer. We are under the umbrella of the Smithers BV Soccer, which is fantastic because they organize all the tournaments and all the league games.”

The new BVSS president is Jacqueline Malkinson, vice-president is Kristine Goold, secretary is Jana Rose and treasurer is Jacky Hielema-King.

The Houston board will oversee Houston funds and field development, and will need lots of volunteers.

Kenzle says Houston starts off this year with new equipment and good-quality or brand-new jerseys.

“For the average person who puts their kid in soccer, nothing is going to change,” Kenzle said.

“The only thing that will change for them is that they can register online.”

Open for kids ages five to 18, the BVSS soccer runs its season from early May to late June.

The deadline to register is March 28. To register online go to www.bvsoccer.ca.