Anika van den Berg and Emilee McLearn show off thier Canskate Champion ribbons.

Anika van den Berg and Emilee McLearn show off thier Canskate Champion ribbons.

Figure Skaters earn awards for hard work

The Houston Figure Skating Club acknowledges all the great skaters in their club and congratulates the award winners.

The Houston Figure Skating Club held their annual awards night, we would like to acknowledge all the great skaters in our club and congratulate our award winners.

Canskate awards:

Canskater of the year- Rachel Geary

Canskate Champions- Anika Vandenberg & Emilee McLearn


Most improved:

Canskate- Jordyn Brent

Prestar- Brooke Gillies

Junior- Hannah Ells & Michael Taylor

Senior- Miranda Rodway


Most competitive:

Senior- Katie Ball


Most sportsmanlike:

Prestar- Ryleigh Harmati

Junior- Chloey Hamer

Senior- Jessica Ells


Most dedicated:

Prestar- Kaydence Kaszas

Junior- Hailey Kettle

Senior- Maggie Kenzle


Most determined:

Canskate- Rebekah Verbeek

Prestar- Emma Larson & Katrina Goertzen

Junior- Hannah Bhatti

Senior- McKenzie Chudyk


Most artistic:

Prestar- Paige McEwen & Kaydence Kaszas

Junior- Savannah Sommerfeld

Senior- Delainey Larocque


Most badges passed:

Canskate- Jordyn Brent


Most tests passed:

Senior- Jessica Ells


Tiffany Manahan Memorial Award:

Junior- Hailey Kettle


Skater of the year:

Senior- McKenzie Chudyk


Graduating Skater: Kelsey McEwen


Thanks goes out to all the wonderful parents who contribute their time to make our fundraisers run smoothly.

Thank you goes out to the executive for their hard work all season.

Thank you to our coaches Adam Ells and Kelsey McEwen, you did an amazing job.   We as executive, parents and skaters are very proud of you!  We are very happy to announce that Kelsey will be returning to coach next season!!  We would like to wish Adam all the best.