4-H a foundation for life

  • Jun. 10, 2011 11:00 a.m.

What would our communities be without 4-H? For over 80 years 4-H has continued to produce responsible, knowledgeable, and caring citizens in our region. Youth who have gone through the 4-H program are highly regarded in today’s workplace, and continue to bring a high standard to everything they do.

So what helps make 4-H in BC run? 4-H is mainly funded by a registered charitable society called ‘The 4-H Foundation’. When you donate to the 4-H foundation, it is much more than a ‘one time only’ donation. The money you donate becomes a part of the principle amount, which makes up the foundation, and is invested. Over time the investment grows in the bank, and the interest earned is what helps annually fund BC 4-H.

Why do you need to support the foundation? Due to rising costs and diminishing government funding, BC 4-H is requiring more money than ever in order to fund 4-H, and run the provincial programs that not only connect 4-H members from across the whole province, but also develops them into responsible citizens and future leaders. BC 4-H is a non-profit organization, run by the people, for the people. Without the 4-H foundation, there is no BC 4-H.

How can you be a part of the future of 4-H? Invest in 4-H youth. The future is NOW with 4-H! You can be a part of this by donating to the 4-H foundation today! Go to the website http://www.bc4h.bc.ca/about/donate.html to invest in the future of 4-H.


<i>Submitted by Ruth Hamblin</i>