What a wonderful time of year

The time has finally come.

Dawn Potvin, It Dawned on Me


The time has finally come.

While all readers of the Houston Today are saddled up and are reading this newspaper, the children in Houston will be participating in the last day of school.

Hallelujah.  I know that by Friday I’ll be hoping that that they were back in class for just a little while longer, but boy oh boy is it nice to see the school year draw to a close.

The thought of not having to make lunches for two whole months truly brings tears of joy to my eyes.

No one probably looks forward to this time of year more as well than the teachers and teacher’s aides.

I always hear how nice it must be to be a teacher because they get summers off, but really?

Take the worst day behaviorally with even just one of your children, times that by 20 or so, for five days a week.

I could not handle that kind of chaos, that number of different personalities, and the continuous and constant needs of so many kids at once.

One out of three of my children in school requires a teachers’ assistant all year every year.

To say that this particular individual has taken care of my boy and supported him come what may, is an understatement entirely.

I appreciate this woman not only for what she has done for my son, but I truly don’t think that she comprehends that she is has a very important role in his life, and it’s good.

Between my son’s aide and his fabulous teacher, he has had a very good year, with virtually minimal issues — and that is outstanding from where I’m sitting.

I continue to worry about the overall wellness of my kids in school — and I’m happy to report that heading into summer vacation that I hope for a few weeks anyway that the thought of curriculum, IEPs, or anything educational never even crosses our minds.

The staff and teachers certainly deserve a break too to enjoy their summer with their families.