We’re all in the North together

If there is one great thing about small communities, it’s that they feel the impact of each other.

Reading on social media about all the success Jonathan Dieleman, 31 year-old local of Telkwa, has had in the Paralymics in Rio this year has become a force of inspiration for many in the North, but also a topic for neighbouring communities to support and connect with.

If there is one great thing about small communities, it’s that they feel the impact of each other.

Presently the Smithers Bulkley Valley Pool is closed for their annual shutdown maintenance, but both the Houston Leisure Facility (HLF) and the Smithers pool have an agreement to accept any type of membership pass holder during the other pool’s annual shutdown.

So residents of Smithers can come to Houston to use the facility to get their swimming laps in, and in October when the HLF is closed for its annual shutdown, Houston residents can travel to Smithers to still get their hot tub and sauna fix.

There is something special to be found in sharing the success of a local from the North, and seeing recreational businesses working together to compensate for the needs of their neighbouring residents.

We’re all in the North together, after all.

The B.C. transit system and the compensations for the lack of a grocery store in Houston have been hot subjects of the late. Not to sound redundant, but these are important topics to discuss.

Exchanging views is like playing a positive game of telephone—minus the muddled message at the end. What is important to recognize is that whatever subject people are talking about…people are talking.

People are talking about what they like and don’t like. About what they want and what they think can be improved.

And the best thing that is coming out from all of that communication, is connection.

Come check out what is happening in Houston. Whether it is via social media or in person, go out and be a part of the connection.