Welcome Buy-Low

Welcome Buy-Low

Since the opening of Buy-Low Foods, I’ve had a number of people come and ask me if I heard about this feature of the store, or have seen this specialty product you could only find out of town.

A buzz of happiness has been spreading throughout the community that is so excited to finally have a grocery store in Houston, after a year and a half without one since SuperValu closed in June 2016.

The verbal hub hasn’t been just about finally having a store, it has been about the measures Buy-Low Foods has taken to ensure that what they provide to Houston is whole-hearted and economical.

Grand-opening day of Buy-Low Foods in Houston was a bigger frenzy than Boxing Day sales in Canada and the U.S.

“We smashed all records,” said Floyd Krishan, manger of Buy-Low Foods in Houston. “In terms of customer count and sales expectations we smashed all records. So we had a very, very, successful first day.”

As a vegetarian, I am impressed with the variety in the store. There are items and products that not only would I have to travel to Prince George to find, but expanded versions of the brands I like that I have never seen before.

I can’t wait to experiment in the kitchen, (my mom might feel otherwise).

“With our Buy-Low grocery experts, we had a good idea with our research of what the product expectations of small communities are, but we also do have a suggestion box at the front that customers can put in the products they are looking for,” said Krishan.

In case you didn’t know, there is a warehouse in Alberta and down south B.C. that Buy-Low Foods in Houston can access to get fresh product and provide quicker delivery.

“Being in the North, has its advantages that way,” said Krishan.

Tucked away in the little office of Houston Today, I have been able to witness the past year of extensive renovations Buy-Low Foods has undertaken.

“The hot water is reclaimed heat from the refrigeration. So when you turn on a tap at Buy-Low it is reused energy that has heated that water,” said Krishan.

Great job, Buy-Low.