We are more than ready for the sun

Unfortunately even though the warm temperature feels like it, it’s too early for Spring.

Unfortunately even though the warm temperature feels like it, it’s too early for Spring.

The sunshine is nice, but the ice has got to go.

Houstonites are finding themselves having to stock up on salt and gravel just so they can get out of their driveways.

I cringe every time I go across a parking lot, watching an elderly person try to navigate the ice ruts and slickness of February.

While one can’t complain about this winter as it’s actually been alright, these last few weeks or so are going to be daunting.

I am not a February kind of person – I believe there should be funding in place that everyone who dislikes winter as much as I do should be able to spend the last couple of weeks of winter on a beach somewhere.

Now is the time to be somewhere warm, I always envy those who have the foresight to book a holiday right about now.

The retired people who live in warmer southern states for the winter have got it right, that’s for sure.

The ones they leave behind are still having to cope with day to day life — the hockey season is seemingly never ending, the trek to the school parking lot is no picnic either, and even the kids are starting to yearn to shuck their snow pants and dig out the flip flops.

It’s hard to keep their winter spirits up while the February blues have kicked in.

A lot of people’s demeanor is weather dependant, myself included.

While I said the sunshine is nice and I make it a rule to never put away my sunglasses, you tend to get a secluded, reigned in kind of feeling, making you actually want time to fly so that we can welcome Spring.

I find myself yearning for the birds chirping, the snow melting, and heck, I won’t even mind that smell of dog waste that seems to come with Spring.

I am ready for the clean up of the yard, the boxing up of insurmountable amounts of winter clothes, and the feeling of warmer breezes.

Bring it on, please.