Think of the savings



This is a response to Anne’s letter ‘A Healthy Decision’.

I understand where Anne is coming from and how fluorescent lighting can be terrible.

I have felt the effects, eyestrain, headaches and they seem to be energy draining.

But not long ago I was told about Full Spectrum LifeBulbs. Full Spectrum means it emits all the colours of the rainbow that natural sunlight gives off, minus the UV rays.

They are flicker free, and reduce migraines, fatigue and irritation.

There have also been tests that have been proven to show great improvement in concentration levels in both children and adults in learning or working environments when using these bulbs.

Also great for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The list goes on and on with all the benefits!

Like all fluorescent light they do contain trace amounts of mercury, and need to be recycled.

I found out that Smithers Lumber recycles residential fluorescent lights.

And just an extra tidbit of info…According to Environment Canada, replacing even one 60 watt standard bulb with a 15watt Lifebulb in each Canadian household would save up to $73 million a year in energy cost and reduce greenhouse emissions by nearly 400,000 tonnes.

I thought it was important to let people know all of the facts, so that they can make an accurate buying decision and what will be the best for their home and our environment.

Brandi Ciampichini

Smithers, B.C.