Of New Year’s resolutions

There is something about a New Year that brings hope with it. It is like a chance to start over, a clean slate where all the mistakes, procrastination, failed plans of the past year are forgiven (by ourselves) and a chance to reset is given (again, by us, to us).

There was a time when I was completely sold by the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions.

I used to set them and almost as if on purpose, because you are expected to never fulfill those resolutions and are expected to fail, only to reset them again next year, I used to barely scrape by on completing any of those long lists of resolutions. I quit making any resolutions in my late 20s.

At the beginning of this year however, I decided to go back to making resolutions. This year, I plan to actively take more care of my environment and environment in general. I was so impressed by how aware and vigilant people in these small towns and villages are of the environment and for things like recycling, that I have decided to jump on the recycling bandwagon with more seriousness than usual.

My resolutions also include reducing my use of plastics, reducing the waste I contribute to and start using reusable, recyclable fabrics and things like recyclable brushes and mugs. I plan to get more involved in the local community and participate more, learn cross-country skiing and explore the beautiful backyards of nature that Bulkley Valley offers.

I also have made a resolution to read more especially since we have a local library here that is enthusiastic about getting people to read, getting them books through a pandemic, ensuring people and kids stay connected to books through several activities; I am definitely going back to reading more. But more than anything, my resolution is to put more efforts in understanding others, listen and be more empathetic.

I am aware that several of these resolutions might take time to take root, like changing plastic-usage related habits or recycling habits, but some others are extremely easy to start on. I haven’t been waiting for the New Year to be kinder but it is good to know that a reset with the new year could give me an opportunity to reflect on the times when I wasn’t kind, when I hadn’t listened or hadn’t bothered to understand others and this would be an opportunity to fix things.

What are some of the things you wish to do this year and what are your New Year’s resolution?

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist


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