Not always NIMBY

Some of us seem to be a little confused these days.


Some of us seem to be a little confused these days.

We drive home in automobiles that require petroleum products, stop at the supermarket and buy produce that is produced and delivered by petroleum-dependant equipment, get home and turn up the thermostat on our furnace, and then try to find ways to shut down Enbridge.

When we are done eating our potatoes, so we then go and shut down the farm that produced them, because that makes about as much sense.

Like it or lump it we are totally dependent on petroleum products and life as we know it can’t exist without them.

If we are determined to find ways to curtail the production and delivery of petroleum products, then we can expect to pay a lot more for these products in the future.

The forest industry and many other industries in the country are already on life support, so can you imagine what would happen if petroleum prices were to double, and this could easily happen as those prices and higher already exist in some countries.

This would take us from a recession to an all out depression in a very short time, so we should be careful what we ask for.

It is obvious to me that the curtailment of the production and delivery of petroleum products is just not an option that this country can afford.

Ensuring that this is done in the safest possible way is an option and that is where our efforts should be directed.

If we can put a man on the moon, I am sure we can build safe pipelines and oil tankers with the proper regulations in place.

I know it is always nicer when these things are in someone else’s back yard, but in the real world this can’t always be the case.

Brian Mould

Kitwanga, B.C.