Look who’s finally arrived

Well it certainly took long enough, but I do believe that Spring has sprung.

Dawn Potvin, It Dawned on Me



Well it certainly took long enough, but I do believe that Spring has sprung.


I was overjoyed to stroll through Newgard park the other morning and actually be able to see the shooting up of bulbs, color, and – dare I say it – green grass.

Good Lord, that took forever.

To me, it actually feels like two years of winter has passed by since we’ve had that warmth and sunshine that we all miss so much.

Ah well, it’s important to shed the winter blues and throw on a light jacket of sunny optimism.

If you stroll around town you can see everyone getting their yards all tidy and clean, making way for daffodils, tulips, and hanging baskets that we can start babying for the rest of the season.

Slowly the campers and trailers are on their way outside for cleaning and primping, along with all the boats and flashy new cars that sat entirely too long in garages.  Almost all of us had to push the limit of the April 30 deadline to remove winter tires, as winter was threatening to stay until May long weekend I’m sure.

All I can hope for in slowly coming out of my winter exhaustion is that this summer brings wonderful things.  Things like the quick melting of the rest of the snow without the threat of flooding.

I want to see a long stream of endless blue blazer days, not a cloud in the sky days, without a fire ban that lasts the entire summer.

That the days are long and the weekends are longer, being able to spend time with friends and family outdoors with no heavy sweaters.

The barbeques and full coolers will compliment the Bulkley Valley sunshine.

I hope I’m not asking too much, for I don’t mind if it drizzles a little on Monday mornings, but maybe clear up by the weekend.

All I know is that it sure feels good to step outside and feel warmth on your skin instead of chill – we can put away the thoughts of moving to Florida away for at least a couple of months.