Houston, the new Halloweentown

This community sure knows how to celebrate Halloween. It was buzzing with so many activities for all ages and interests

This community sure knows how to celebrate Halloween. It was buzzing with so many activities for all ages and interests, I almost needed a clone to attend everything.

From the zombie walk initiated by Hell Yah Houston, to movies, bowling and karaoke at the Pleasant Valley Plaza. To household get togethers, and meeting up at the Legion for dancing and a costume contest. To the witchy aquafit performance at the Houston Leisure Facility, and the Houston Secondary School drama club’s haunted house at the arena, there was no end of options of events to be involved in.

Thankfully, as the local reporter, I get to be a part of all of them.

I had the best day on Halloween weekend taking pictures of Houston’s first ever zombie walk, and ended it singing duets toElvis Presley songs at the theatre and dancing at the legion until the butter knife and lid from my Nutella costume fell out of my hair.

Then, I got the chance to do it all over again at the Houston Leisure Facility’s Witch of Macbeth aquafit. Best part wasn’t just seeing all the familiar happy faces exercising and wearing funny witch hats or horns during their workout, but I also got to relive the glory days of when I used to teach the senior’s aquafit class, and dance up there with the instructor, Sue West.

You could say we were “double trouble.”

Visiting the drama club’s haunted house definitely brought back some fond memories of when I was in the highschool club myself. The Halloween haunted house seemed to be everyone’s favourite event, because you could choose an array of roles to play and somehow magically make it work into the theme.

As if it couldn’t have gotten any better, I ended my perfect Halloween weekend at my friend’s place helping hand out candy.Okay, that’s a lie, I was sitting down eating most of the candy, while watching Suicide Squad and listening to kids scream at my friend’s spooky costume when she answered the door.


Houston, I thank you for your participation and organization of all the events. You certainly made our community feel like a mini Halloween theme park for everyone to enjoy.