Great save, boys, great save

They say you can always come home again – only this time it was for the benefit of Houston youth.

They say you can always come home again – only this time it was for the benefit of Houston youth.

A goalie clinic was held over the Christmas break for Houston players.

With our own Houston Luckies goalie Don Kenzle at the helm of organizing the three days, two past Houstonites came home to help out.

John Beck and Nathan Grobins lent their expertise — with John coming from Edmonton and Nathan all the way from Florida.

Both have had successful careers in hockey, and both are now goalie instructors where they live with their families.

Both of these men all but volunteered to come out and share their knowledge and sense of fun with our kids, completely benefitting all the kids who attended.

At the beginning of the year, Don Kenzle wanted to mentor our Houston Minor Hockey goalies in a series of clinics throughout the season, but injury put it on hold.

Both John and Nathan contacted our Association because they knew they were coming home for the holidays and wanted to reconnect with Houston hockey.

The goalies showed up from all age groups, gender and teams with enthusiasm and proceeded to have a wonderful few days of “playing with the big boys”.

A lot had never been in a hockey school or clinic environment at all.

It may have been a seemingly small effort from these three men to share their time, but the results and the benefits that were initiated and shared by all I think needs to be recognized. I hope these three men realize how much our kids look up to them and respect their career, their sport, and their leadership qualities.

It takes an extraordinary person to put other kids first in sharing experiences from the sport and the hockey life that they love.

Hats off to Don, John and Nathan and a big thank you to them in their homage to Houston, their time and hard work and mostly for giving our kids the belief that no matter how far you go in life you can always come home again and share your gifts.