From reading to writing: a passion in the making

My passion for reading developed as a young child.

My passion for reading developed as a young child.

I found it was a chance to explore the world and the minds of other people without leaving the comforting confines of home.

As I’ve grown older that passion has further developed into writing.

The chance to write came to me sooner than I thought when Mr. Jaksun Grice, the cive principal at my high school suggested I do work experience with the local newspaper.

I would like to thank the Houston Today for generously providing me with this opportunity.

I am currently in my last year of high school at Houston Secondary School and upon graduation plan to travel to Australia for an extent of six months.

The following year I hope to attend the University of Victoria in antipation of achieving a major in English.

I don’t know where my English major will take me, perhaps it will lead me to journalism, to teaching English, where I could help others with their use of language.

Or perhaps I will follow the path of creative writing and become an author.

Then no longer will I be reading of others experiences, but writing of my own.