First week working as a reporter

Technology is my best friend, I swear. If I am not at the office with one hand on the desktop writing stories

Technology is my best friend, I swear.

If I am not at the office with one hand on the desktop writing stories, and the other on the laptop uploading photos (because I can’t figure out why the desktop tower won’t acknowledge that there is a camera plugged into it… Repeat, “technology is my best friend” mantra), well then I am out covering a story with a camera around my neck, a recorder in one hand, and my phone in the other making sure that I ask all the preliminary questions I wrote down earlier.

You know what I am also grateful for?

Backpacks and bicycles.

I’m really glad that my comic-­book patterned backpack fits all of my equipment, including my jar of Nutella. When your job requires you to travel and talk to people, you kind of need a whole lot of energy, or a tub of chocolate.

And I have never enjoyed biking around town as much as I have now meeting people to interview and taking pictures. Our town is just so gorgeous!

I have more of an appreciation for it now as I weave through trails on my bike, with the wind in my dreadlocks, and feel the burn in my legs as I pedal.

I think this winter I am going to have to look for studded bicycle tires so that I can keep this up. Any suggestions?

I think the hardest part about this job has been managing my time. As I said, “technology is my best friend.” Without my phone to prompt me about this phone call to make, or this place to be at to cover a story, or remind me of the articles that I need to get done by my deadline, well, then I’d be lost. And let me tell you, a Virgo with no form of organization is not a pretty sight.

I’m still green to this kind of work, but I love all the people I have at the office that are supporting and training me, and all the people I have met in town that see me with a camera and either joke with me about getting a picture of them, or invite me to stand between barricades on the race track so that I can get prime photographs!

I just want everyone in the community to know that I feel very supported by all of you. Especially those that I have come and bombarded with questions to get as much information as I can to provide in the reports I write. Your patience and time is greatly appreciated!