Canada fails the security of migrants

How far does the Canadian government go to ensure the security of the people it welcomes into its country?

How far does the Canadian government go to ensure the security of the people it welcomes into its country?

My parents are both immigrants to Canada, which makes my siblings and I the first generation of Canadians in our bloodline.

But I have first hand witnessed immigrants that have come to Canada on a work visa, expecting to create a more abundant life and home than the one they left, and are in return met with encumbrances that prevent them from successfully doing so.

A personal friend of mine worked for a franchise for over a year, and was seriously exploited. Because these people are committed to exercising all of their capabilities to stay in Canada, they are less likely to say no, and more willing to do whatever their employers ask of them, because they believe that good hard work equals reward.

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where some employers like to find the cheapest way to get the most done. And because people new to this country aren’t familiar with what is legally allowable or not, they become the ideal employee to manipulate.

This friend of mine not only ended up getting unpaid for $8000 worth of overtime at minimum wage, but the employer also withheld the proper documentation for this person to apply as a provincial nominee for permanent residency, and knowledge that would have been detriment to their application.

The government requires these nominees to incur a certain amount of income per year, which is dependent on the number of family members this person wishes to support in Canada. This particular employer knew that the salary my friend was receiving was not enough to meet these specifications. But instead of loosing a valuable employee, they chose to conceal that information.

These people pay taxes just like us. Why does the government not have a branch of employees whose responsibility is to check in on the well being of these immigrants that they are allowing into the country.

If all these provisions are going into ensuring that eligible candidates are entering Canada, then why aren’t there provisions to ensure their security as well?

My friend’s lack of legal knowledge, and the negligent actions of their employer are not the only factors at fault here.Canada’s government has failed the security of migrants.