Buy-Low Foods

There has been a lot of hype over the possibility of Buy-Low Foods opening a grocery store in Houston

There has been a lot of hype over the possibility of Buy-Low Foods opening a grocery store in Houston to replace the loss of Supervalu, which closed in June 2016.

The sooner we can get a grocery store in Houston, the better we will be able to reduce some of the traffic going out of town,alleviate retail leakage for our local businesses, and provide the convenience of being able to quickly run downtown to grab that one ingredient you forgot that the other stores are out of stock of.

As a vegetarian and resident of Houston that has chosen not to own a vehicle, I do hope we as members of this community can rally together enough support to convince Buy-Low Foods to bring their store here.

From what I have witnessed over social media, there has been a domino-like support where companies like Canfor, leaders including our council members of the District of Houston, and residents who administrate or frequently contribute to groups like Hell Yah Houston have been compiling together to encourage the community to submit positive letters to Buy-Low Foods.

In case you were not aware, Buy-Low Foods operates 32 corporate and franchise stores that is committed to operating their stores with green sustainable energy and adhering to stringent standards of animal welfare for the animal products they sell.

“Buy-Low Foods takes a holistic approach to sustainability. We build our stores for optimal use of refrigeration and lighting systems that are best for the environment,” stated in the sustainability commitment of Buy-Low Foods.

I hope this green consciousness will become an additional incentive for residents to buy from Buy-Low Foods if the store is successful in becoming a part of the community.

In addition, the opening of a local grocery store will create more job opportunities for residents. Perhaps especially for those that were formerly employed with Supervalu.

An additional option to provide individuals and their families with financial security is always welcomed in Houston.

I’ve sent my email. Have you?