A most wonderful gift

Did you know that April was Autism Awareness Month?

Dawn Potvin – It Dawned on Me


Did you know that April was Autism Awareness Month?

A diagnosis of autism in children is increasing as each day goes by, in hopes of finding the tools to allow these kids to have a struggle free existence.

I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.  As the proud owner of a high functioning autistic boy, this hits quite close to home for me.

I will not jump up on my soap box about this, as it is somewhat private, and quite a lifestyle for all who dwell in my home – both positive and negative.

Over the years we have become champions at coping and seclusion, and have completely surrounded ourselves with the most wonderful and tolerant family, friends, teachers and aides for my boy – and the rest of us.

As a parent of a child with many quirks, personality facets, and a rainbow of questions, I tend to view this dreaded “diagnosis” and “label” as truly his gift to give the rest of us.

You become humble in a helluva hurry, because all you want to hear as a parent is that all of your children are perfect and are going to be alright.  Sometimes that seems further away than reachable, but I truly believe it is attainable with enough education and help.

All I would ask for those who still maybe don’t fully understand the whole autism spectrum and all that it encompasses, that you educate before you comment.

I do not like to hear certain words when discussing my boy – odd, spoiled, bad, weird or even different.  You see, he isn’t different, for he is blessed.

A very concrete, black and white, no time for fluff or silliness kinda world surrounds him, and sometimes I envy that.  I agree that sometimes their world can be a very scary, overwhelming and overstimulating kind of world, but if you take the time to accept the way their minds work, it is a most fascinating and wonderful place.

This month we were to recognize that – all I ask is that you respect it and ask questions.  These kids are all worth it, I promise.