A few more weeks til freedom

I’m beginning to think that Mother Nature is either on steroids, or is having a mid-life crisis.

Dawn Potvin, It Dawned on Me


I’m beginning to think that Mother Nature is either on steroids, or is having a mid-life crisis.

With the local flooding appearing to subside, it feels like we’re going to be hit with a stifling hot summer, complete with camp fire bans, sun stroke, and forest fires.

Why does it always have to seem like it’s one extreme or the other?

Don’t get me wrong, the mood is definitely better when you wake up to blue sky instead of grey, but I worry.  We certainly were not affected by the flooding living up on the hill, but my backyard is a slew of muck and my front yard is a field of dandilions that has to be seen to be believed.

When the weather people and meteorologists say that it’s looking up for some nice hot weather to possibly last through the summer months, do they know what they’re getting us into?  Again, I am a summer person, not winter.  I love sun, outdoors and all that goes with it.

I don’t not like crispy grass, sun stroke or have 18 layers of skin peel off my shoulders by mid-June.  One has to be prepared for any kind of weather, as I would certainly be miserable if it rained all summer.  Maybe once May hits it is impossible to please anyone, namely me.

I would be happy if it only clouded over and sprinkled on work days, then revved up for the weekend with a nice mid to high 20s temperature all weekend.

I want the last few weeks of school to go by quickly with minimal field trips, fun days and chaos – just let them out already.  They’ve earned it, I have no idea why they have to go right till the last days of June.

I want the fishing to be good all summer, with minimal mosquitos and those God awful spruce beetles that fly directly at you.  I want the beer to be cold, the campfire to be big, and for everyone to enjoy their highly anticipated summer in a safe and happy fashion.

Think I’m asking too much?