2017 Business Excellence Awards

2017 Business Excellence Awards

Once again, the team at the Houston & District Chamber of Commerce organized a fun-filled Business Excellence Awards in Houston last weekend on Oct. 21, 2017.

I was so stuffed from the delicious food, that by the time the award ceremony was complete, I was in a food coma and could not find my dancing feet.

This event is so amazing to me in how wonderful it is experience such an intimate form of community where recognition of so many people in Houston are acknowledged.

Rebecca Tait from Pleasant Valley Plaza and her staff rightfully cleaned out the place as retailer of the year, customer service employee, and both citizen awards.

Documenting what the plaza has done in the past year has always brought a joy into my week. Whether it is bowling, mini-golf, paint nights, and fun movie events, it is wonderful to see this business and others in Houston thrive.

You could feel it in the room, that sense of communal integrity, as each person and business were recognized for what they have contributed.

There is something nostalgic in witnessing someone that you remember buying your first cellphone from, like Mike Tran from Mike’s Audio, be honoured with business person of the year. Mike continues to help grow Houston.

And because of the interconnections in a small town, where a friend is also a fellow co-worker, you know the magnitude of what it means for them to be acknowledge. Like the Upper Bulkley Valley Streamkeepers and the years of planning, organizing, and fundraising it took to finally make their educational salmon hatchery from a dream to reality.

Even for the local reporter, I found myself learning about the new entrepreneurs of our town, who each year getting better and getting at mastering their craft and succeeding in their business.

The Business Excellence Awards in an annual event any resident of Houston can look forward to in their year.

On behalf of Houston Today, I would like to thank all the people that nominated me for the this year’s customer service employee award. It was an honour to have been nominated into the final three, and a privilege to share the room with all you magnificent people.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees at this year’s event.