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Year end from Topley 4H

  • Nov. 18, 2020 1:30 a.m.

Topley 4-H club is at it again with another amazing year. The club consists of beef, swine, horse and clover bud projects.

We had monthly meetings when we could. Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic affected our year. The year started smoothly with the annual election. Many people were chosen for example, president, vice president, secretary , treasurer and reporter which was elected to me.

In fact, this is the first report I have ever written. This year there was no Smithers fall fair so we decided to have our own mini show at the Belsham Ranch on the Walcott Road in their barn in July.

Everybody showed their animals in the show ring. There were also prizes handed out and an amazing roast beef lunch as well. All members made educational displays and displayed them at the mini show.

In August the club hosted a covid aware open house at the Himech barn on Buck Flats Road. We invited potential buyers to come and view the market animals and meet the members. Our sale this year was done online through Vold Jones auction. We had a very successful sale. All the members got together to watch the online sale finale at the Himech barn. We also had a club end of year event were there was pizza and a movie.

We are planning a few changes for next year including holding our entire 4-H show and sale at the Four Seasons park in Houston. We will invite other clubs as well we are hoping we will be able to get together more in 2021 for events and meetings.

Topley 4-H is a great group of kids and leaders. The club is accepting new members. If you would like to join, please contact Wendy Siemens.

Thank you for reading my Topley 4-H report of 2020.

Submitted by Taylor Fehr


topley 4H

topley 4H