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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

“Older adults in our communities continue to find themselves in vulnerable situations and are still experiencing various forms of abuse and neglect,” said Sherry Baker, Executive Director of the BC Association of Community Response Networks (BCCRN).

According to Ministry of Health documents, approximately 10 per cent of seniors will experience some form of physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse. It is also believed that abuse of seniors is significantly under reported.

As communities around the province prepare to promote the annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), local Community Response Networks (CRNs) are offering educational activities to increase seniors’ awareness of the different forms of abuse and neglect.

While the Houston CRN does not directly offer services, it supports a coordinated approach to help vulnerable adults get the support and assistance they need. The HoustonCRN works with community, social, and health service organizations, government agencies, community minded individuals, local business, and seniors. The Houston CRN collaborates with the community to determine how we can best support and assist seniors/adults in Houston.

Some of the planned initiatives include: honouring our homebound adults/seniors and WEAAD display in the mall June 12-15, “Make a Promise to an Elder/Senior”

Carroll Airey, Coordinator for Houston CRN said, “Come out and help us make Houston a shining example of how to keep its most vulnerable citizens safe and secure.”

The Houston CRN is part of the BC Association of Community Response Networks (BC CRN), whose mandate is to work with community, agencies, and government to develop a coordinated response to abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults. A CRN provides information and support so the community can both prevent and respond effectively to abuse and neglect. Visit for more information.