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Winter fun for Houston kids

A Rocha events provide chance for kids to learn about nature
Eva and Max Dekens seen here enjoying the A Rocha PD day camp. They discovered the only icicles the group could find during the winter scavenger hunt. (Submitted photo/Houston Today

A personal development day camp was held at the A Rocha Buck Creek Canfor Hatchery and Nature Centre on Feb. 18, that provided an opportunity for Houston kids to get outside and learn about animals.

“We had eight kids and we learned about what animals do in the winter to survive. Most of the morning, almost two hours, we spent outside on the trails doing a winter scavenger hunt, discovering what we could find with magnifying glasses, which was mostly bugs and spider webs under bark. We then started to create our own fort to protect us from the cold complete with a fluffy leaf floor to sit on,” said A Rocha Northern B.C. Project Coordinator Cindy Verbeek.

In addition to the camp, an explorer day family event was held by on Feb. 26 by the Bulkley Valley Nature Kids, in partnership with A Rocha.

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This event was held in Smithers at Riverside Park, and was led by Twain Sullivan Elementary School Arts Teacher Tanya Margerm. For the activity, families got a chance to learn how to plant winter gardens in milk jugs.

”It’s a great way to get your seeds started by putting them in mild jugs and planting them in a snow bank. By the time spring has arrived and it’s time to plant your garden you have beautiful hardened off seedlings that can be transplanted and grown,” said Verbeek.

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This was the second Bulkley Valley Nature Kids event held so far this year. The first took place on Jan. 22, where families were lead through the trails near Twain Sullivan Elementary School by experienced educators in search of animal tracks in the snow.

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