Weather conditions and golf

This week’s article is how to deal with different weather conditions. Unfortunately we are challenged often to play the game in not so ideal conditions. Especially when in the later part of the golf season. Cool, wet and windy conditions can raise havoc with ball flight and thus your score. The best advice I can give you is not to change your swing when confronted with adverse conditions. You have a unique swing. Your own. Keep it no matter what. When weather raises havoc such as wind, rain and cool temperatures most players adjust there swing (in most cases not consciously). For example when confronted with a head wind they speed up there swing. When confronted with a down wind they also speed up their swing trying to take advantage of the wind hoping for a few more yards. When adjusting your swing from the norm we most often will miss hit shots adding strokes to our score. The exact opposite of what we are trying to do.

The following is a guide for different wind conditions.

When wind is a factor

Downwind shots allow for more carry. With the tee shot tee your ball a bit higher. This will give you a few more yards carry. In a head wind tee the ball a bit lower. This will create a lower shot that when landing will have lots of roll. Thus gaining more distance than a normally teed ball.

When confronted with an full iron shot. When against the wind choose a longer club (for example when normally it is an eight iron shot distance for you, choose a seven iron). Choose more club if confronted with a strong wind. In all head wind shots with an iron play the ball back an inch or two. Right handed players this means back towards your right foot. Not much though. This will create a lower ball flight that will bore into the wind giving you more distance. For a downwind shot choose a lessor club than normal. The wind will carry the ball further than normal. Instead of an eight iron shot select a nine iron or less if required depending on how strong the wind is.

When confronted with a side wind. Club selection in most cases would be as normal for that distance. Adjust your aim though. Wind coming from the right. Aim right of your target. Wind coming from the left aim left of your target. Severe winds aim further left or right.

Wind is a big factor. This we have to deal with all season. Remember though. No adjustments to your swing. Only the above set up and club selection adjustments. Keep the game simple.

I cannot stress enough. Do not adjust your full swing at anytime. Make adjustments to your set up and club selection only. Keep it simple. Next article I will cover more on playing in diverse weather conditions. Good golfing everyone.

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