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Vanderhoof barn brings goat yoga to northwest B.C.

The yoga session will be held in July in a barn filled with fainting goats
A fainting goat climbs up a volunteer as she practices yoga at a barn in Vanderhoof. (Photo courtesy, Alley Gensick)

A Vanderhoof barn is preparing to offer a unique yoga session involving fainting goats this month.

While Alley Gensick, owner of The Beauty Barn, assures that the goats will not be doing yoga she said the session will involve participants performing yoga outdoors with the animals freely wandering around the space.

“A certified instructor will be teaching class and the goats are just around, they might jump on you or nibble at you,” said Gensick before adding that the animals are gentle, timid and don’t have top teeth for anyone to be worried about being bitten.

Gensick first came across goat yoga on a farm in the Cariboo. She ended up buying a fainting goat from the farm, famed for its hereditary condition that causes it to stiffen and fall over when excited or startled.

Gensick currently has around 20 fainting goats at her barn.

“When we moved up here we had goats and people would always joke, I should do yoga,” she said, adding, “I’m gonna give it a go this year and let’s see how much interest we have.”

Apart from the novelty factor, Gensick said that the experience is a form of animal therapy.

“Animals make you feel good and it’s just a fun, unique experience.”

Gensick said Vanderhoof residents are already “loving the idea” and tickets priced at $25 for a two hour session on July 26 are selling quickly.

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