Allan Bieganski (L)

Allan Bieganski (L)

Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op donates $5,000 to Houston Search and Rescue

The Houston Search and Rescue was one of the recipients of this support fund

In the story “Vanderhoof and District’s Co-op Community Support Fund,” published in the Houston Today Oct. 5 issue, a new program was introduced to provided up to $100,000 of financial support for community groups, non-profits, and charities to apply for.

The Houston Search and Rescue was one of the recipients of this support fund, and on Dec. 22 at the Houston Co-op they were presented with $5000 to finance a new swift water rescue boat. This new river and lake jet boat will allow the group to be more efficient in performing searches, and decrease response times. Because Houston Search and Rescue works alongside other groups in surrounding communities, this is contribution is something that will benefit other communities throughoutNorthern B.C.

“All of us at Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op are proud to be able to support initiatives that support and improve the quality of life in our communities,” said Bud Pye, President of the Board of Directors of Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op. “When you support organizations and groups that support their communities, everyone benefits. Ensuring that Search and Rescue operators have the equipment they need to be as responsive as possible will save lives. And that is a project that Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op is proud to stand behind.”

There were 111 applicants that applied for the support fund, out of which 11 recipients were selected, resulting in 10 different communities being supported.

“We are very excited about our new Community Support Fund and we are thrilled to be here today to announce HoustonSearch and Rescue as one of the 11 recipients for 2016,” said Allan Bieganski, General Manager for Vanderhoof and DistrictsCo-op. “For the recipients selected for 2016, we are delighted to be able to support a wide range of causes including seniors and youth groups, community organizations, housing projects, medical projects and social programs.”