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Two properties added to District of Houston’s tax exemption list

Churches, community service groups make up bulk of list
The Pleasant Valley entertainment complex has been added to the District of Houston’s municipal tax exemption list following its purchase by Houston Link to Learning. (Angelique Houlihan photo)

The District of Houston has finalized its list of properties exempt from taxation with this year’s list featuring two new addresses.

Houston Community Services Association at 3398 10th St. and Houston Link to Learning at 2350 Butler Ave., which is the Pleasant Valley Plaza complex, have now been added so that the number of properties exempt from property taxes stands at 21.

The combined value for the 21 properties of the tax exemptions provided amounts to $76,870.

Under the Community Charter passed by the provincial government and which governs municipalities, municipalities can exempt “property owned or held by a charitable, philanthropic, and non-profit corporation and used for the purposes of the corporation,” District of Houston finance director Jennifer Larson outlined in a memo to council regarding the now-passed bylaw establishing the exemptions.

For the two additions, the one for Houston Community Services pertains to its offices and wide range of social services while the other for the Houston Link to Learning pertains to its Pleasant Valley Plaza purchase as a place for community use and job training.

Here’s a list of the exemptions by category

Churches/Houses of Worship - the Anglican Synod Diocese of Caledonia, the Canadian Reformed Church, the Fellowship Baptist Church of Houston, the Fellowship Baptist Church of Houston (lessee), the First United Church, the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple Association, the Houston Christian Reformed Church, the Houston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Prince Rupert.

Schools - the Christian School Society of Houston

Community/Social services - Houston Community Services Association, Smithers Community Services Association, Houston Link to Learning, Senior Citizens Association of B.C., the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 249, Houston Retirement Housing Society, Houston Friendship Centre Society, Houston Search and Rescue Society

Sporting/Recreation - Houston and District Curling Club

The exemptions provided by council are for taxes and do not apply utility fees.

Authorizing exemptions for the two properties belonging to the Houston Community Services Association and Houston Link to Learning this year required a bylaw.

And adding the two properties to the general exemptions list required an amendment to the overall tax exemption bylaw.

The bylaw is in effect until 2024.

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