Tourist inquiries up this year compared to 2021

Visitors wanted to see bears and salmon

Houston & District Chamber of Commerce. (Laura Blackwell photo/Houston Today)

The easing of travel worries and general desire for a return to pre-COVID days resulted in an increase in visitors to the tourist information office here this summer compared to 2021.

The increase was felt early on with June recording 390 parties and 701 visitors compared to 201 parties and 265 visitors in 2921, reports Maureen Czirfusz, the Houston and District Chamber of Commerce manager who is responsible for the info centre.

July this year was extremely busy with 873 parties and 1,470 visitors, a considerable increase to the 248 parties and 743 visitors last July.

That trend continued in August with 860 parties and 1,567 visitors compared to 723 parties and 1,151 visitors in August 2021.

Visitors asked a variety of questions with “what is there to do in Houston” being one of the more prominent.

The region’s reputation as being one of bear habitat had visitors asking where they could see bears.

And people asking where they could see salmon was also a popular question.