The Topley 4-H club had a successful year despite the challenges of the pandemic. (Submitted photo/Lakes District News)

The Topley 4-H club had a successful year despite the challenges of the pandemic. (Submitted photo/Lakes District News)

Topley 4-H events and achievements

A recap of how 2021 went for the club

Contributed by Taylor Fehr

Every year in Topley 4-H is a great year, but this one is suited for the world records.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic many family members couldn’t come to events or meetings. That just meant this year we did things differently then we usually do. We made most of our meetings over zoom this year but we were also able to squeeze in some small events like campfires, movie nights and river days.

January through June we had small but meaningful events; we did a husbandry checks to start off the year. Then, we decided to practice our judging on March 13 before competitions so we had a judging event at Hatch Creek Ranch. So many people did amazing in that so congratulations to them.

On March 6, we did our communication presentations, the kids and adults were anxiously counting down the days to speak, or presenting their hand-made projects. Unfortunately, we had the meeting over zoom, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t very enjoyable. Everyone did a great job.

On June 26 we had a mini show at the Diamond Lazy H barn, which they generously hosted for us. We knew we had to practice for the big weekend of July 23 the big showing fair.

Finally, the big weekend came. The Topley 4-H achievement day. Due to restrictions and uncertainty we had our own achievement at the Diamond Lazy H barn. It was such a fun weekend.

The entire weekend we had amazing food prepared by Kristina Decker and all of her great helpers. We had some awesome projects this year like our reserve and grand champions. For grand champion steer we had Myles Dekker with his 1395-pound steer, and for reserve champion we had Lexi Halvorson’s 1375-pound steer, and it was her first year in 4-H.

We all were winners that weekend, we had a lot of fun with games like capture the flag and even our first ever dance, complete with karaoke. It was a weekend to remember.

This year of 4-H was wonderful and I don’t think it not have gone better. Of course, I have many more years to come of 4-H, but this one was truly memorable.

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