Snowmobile club’s cabin gets a rebuild

Snowmobile club’s cabin gets a rebuild

Red Dog Logging, other companies tackle project

Dave Dickson didn’t hesitate for a minute when asked to help out in rebuilding the Houston Snowmobile Club’s cabin on the Telkwa Range.

“I think it’s a great thing those guys are doing,” said the owner of Topley Landing-based Red Dog Logging recounting the conversation he had with club president Dylan De La Mare. “It’s a great cause.”

“I donated the tongue and groove and the club hired my two boys,” Dickson said of Jacob Gaudreau and Parry Willis.

“We knocked it out in 11 days.”

Dickson described the cabin, built in the 1970s, as being in very bad shape — the cabin had sagged over the years leaving unlevelled floors.

“We rebuilt the thing. Ripped out the all the scungy insulation, put in new insulation and vapour barrier. New windows and a door.”

The cabin was jacked up and new supporting posts installed.

The tongue and groove, milled by Red Dog Logging, went on the floors and a new floor was put in.

Dickson said the company hauled all of the material to the cabin site using the club’s groomer and with the assistance of Brent Long.

“We’re a self-contained company. A one-stop shop. Took up our generator. We do work off the grid. It was -28 up there,” he added.

De La Mare said the work Red Dog did makes the cabin much more comfortable for users and will last for years.

“I know Dave personally and knew what he could do,” he added. Red Dog’s name will be displayed inside the cabin to note the club’s appreciation.

Other companies supplied materials and assistance for the cabin rebuild — Castle Building Centre, North Star Performance, D and M Industrial Supplies and Sullivan Motor Products.