Silverthorne Elementary School parent advisory council low on members

The Silverthorne Elementary School parent advisory council (PAC) is low on members this year.

The Silverthorne Elementary School parent advisory council (PAC) is low on members this year. About seven or eight members attend the monthly meetings.

“In the past few years we have only had four regular attendees. These members have run fundraisers, attended meetings,applied for grants, and made decisions on how to spend funds for the school, “said Laura Mark, chair of the Silverthorne PAC.

The Silverthorne PAC has made it possible through their fundraising to hire Joe Toner, a basketball coach that lives in Smithers and teaches students the skills needed for basketball, to come to Silverthorne to coach all the students each year, Silverthorne PAC has also provided drama activities through Missoula Children’s Theatre, a company that brings professionals to schools that organize theatre productions. And the PAC has also helped pay for swimming lessons, the end of the year lake day at Rough Acres lake, and have provided gym equipment and outdoor equipment for the students to use.

Parents with students at Silverthorne Elementary School are welcome to attend meetings. Parents must have a child attending the school in order to be a voting member, although others are welcome to attend. The Silverthorne PAC is currently looking for parents interested in holding a position on the executive committee.

Due to the small number of people in the Silverthorne PAC, the work load is extensive and difficult for just four people to manage.

“Although the Silverthorne PAC supports the school in a variety of ways, it is challenging having very few members. The ParentAdvisory Committee could contribute even more with more participation from parents and more parents willing to get involved,” said Mark.

By being a part of the PAC parents are able to learn a bit more about programs within the school goals, and the direction the school is headed.

If parents are interested in getting involved they can contact Laura Mark, join the Silverthorne PAC Facebook page, or come to one of the monthly meetings held the first Monday of each month after school at the Silverthorne elementary school library.