Salvage timber nearly doubles

Small scale salvage in the Morice Timber Supply Area has nearly doubled after the Mid-term Timber Supply Committee recommendations.



Small scale salvage in the Morice Timber Supply Area has nearly doubled in response to recommendations from the Mid-term Timber Supply Committee.

Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad says that the small scale salvage now has 40,000 cubic metres available, quite an increase from the past 25 years, when there has been 25,000 cubic metres for small scale salvage.

“I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to provide this opportunity in Houston,” said Rustad, adding that it is critical in his opinion that they recover as much wood as they can from what would have been available if not for the pine beetle epidemic.

Rustad says the Mid-term Timber Supply Committee, which toured through B.C. last summer, gave 22 recommendations to the Legislative Assembly in August 2012, and one of those was to reduce as much as possible the unsalvaged loss.

The goal of the small scale salvage increase is to maximize the utilization of the unsalvaged loss, and bring additional wood back into the system, Rustad said.

“If the small scale salvage can be successful in bringing the salvaged loss into the system, then what it means is that there would be more wood available in the mid-term fibre supply to help support the two existing mills [in Houston],” he said.

Rustad says that because of it’s small size and labour intensity, it will also provide significant employment opportunities for people in Houston.

Kevin Johnson, president of the Morice Forest Salvage Society says he thinks the small scale salvage volume increase is good for Houston.

“It will give more opportunity and more work for some of the smaller contractors around, like the owner-operators,” Johnson said.

Rustad says he is very pleased with this move and the opportunity it provides Houston.

“And that volume should be available for the next four or five years,” said Rustad.