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Road condition upsets resident

A Buck Flats area resident is questioning the Buck Flats Road maintenance routine of Lakes District Maintenance, the company which has the contract to maintain provincial highways and roads in the area.

Dino Laramee, who lives just before the second bridge, says workers routinely each spring scrape away what had been a hard-packed surface on Buck Flats Road.

"They basically tear the scab off is what they do. Then they fill the potholes with [loose] rocks. But those potholes always come back. The rocks are on the surface  and we're sliding around like we're on marbles," he said.

But what irritates Laramee even more is the lag time of when calcium is applied to suppress dust and then having the road watered. He said the lag time last year was three weeks.

"The calcium is applied on the loose rocks, right over the whole road and vehicles are covered in calcium mud," he added. "These guys don't seem to have a packer. They've never dealt with this potholes."

Laramee is also concerned that loose rock on the road surface is kicked up by vehicle tires so that windows are broken.

He's had one go through his windshield very close to his driver's side window.

"I had my (driver's) window open. If I was just a fraction of a second sooner it would have come in through the side window. If that had been the case, chances are I wouldn't be talking to you," Laramee continued.

While Laramee is an experienced driver and says he could react to hazardous situations like flying rocks to avoid trouble, he's worried about young people who are not as experienced and who have just received their driver's licences.

"I've seen them grow up. They're like family. I wouldn't want anything to happen to them," he said.

"I've even talked to the police. This was like two years ago, I think. The guy said 'yeah, I wouldn't want to put a windshield on that road either'," Laramee continued.

Laramee said he's spoken with both Lakes District Maintenance and the highways ministry but has had no satisfaction.

Lakes District Maintenance, he said, has blocked his number and the highways ministry never calls him back.

"Their job is to keep our roads safe, to make sure the contract is realistic. It works for them, but it doesn't work for us people up here."

Laramee said.





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