Rescue truck purchase approved

Rescue truck purchase approved

Vehicle should be in-service by next summer

A new rescue truck for the fire department is on its way following purchase approval given by the District of Houston council Dec. 3.

The bid from Hub Fire Engines of Abbotsford at $361,610 was not the lowest bid received but was recommended by protective services director Jim Daigneault.

“The Houston Fire Department has a good existing working relationship with Hub Fire Engines as they have supplied our previous two fire engines and we are familiar with the quality of their products,” Daigneault wrote in a memo to council.

The Hub Fire Engines bid was the second lowest and the lowest came from IBT at a price of $351,675.

In all, eight bids were received with the highest coming in at $605,000.

Daigenault said only the Hub and IBT bids were considered because affordability was a major factor in purchasing a replacement for the existing rescue truck which is a 2000 model.

Based on bid criteria, the new truck should be in Houston and be service-ready by Aug. 1, 2010.

District chief administrative officer Gerald Pinchbeck said the current truck could be traded in, a factor that would lower the purchase price of the new one.

The fire department listed a number of specific items in its bid documents to be included with the new vehicle.

Those items included four LED lights to illuminate surroundings to aid crew members, have a Hurst E Rescue system commonly called the Jaws of Life and winches as well as a compressed air foam dispersal system.

The vehicle is to have a maximum height of 120 inches and a maximum length of 334 inches capable of carrying 2,500 pounds of equipment and five crew members and attain a speed of up to 68 miles an hour.

Replacement of the current truck follows on the District’s policy of planned purchases as existing assets become dated or approach the end of their useful service.