RCMP report snowmobile concerns

Houston RCMP have recently dealt with several problems involving snowmobiles including an accident, reckless driving, and trespassing.

Houston RCMP have recently dealt with several problems involving snowmobiles.

RCMP Corporal Geary says their last 2012 file was 11:58 p.m. Dec. 31, when a snowmobile collided with a house on Avalon Avenue, and the snowmobile driver was in the ambulance with possible chest injuries when RCMP arrived.

The case is still under investigation, he added.


On Jan. 2 on Walcott Road, someone was caught snowmobiling on power lines and trespassing on rural property, said Cpl. Geary.

Cpl. Geary reminds snowmobilers to be respectful of private property and refrain from cutting fence

lines, and he adds that bylaws ban snowmobilerswithout a permit from public roads, parking lots or alleyways that the public can reasonably access.


On Jan. 8, RCMP responded to a call about two females on a snowmobile who nearly slid into a vehicle in the Ambassador trailer park, but the driver could not identify, said Cpl. Geary.


Cpl. Geary says a female got a call from someone saying there was a problem with her computer and offering to fix it if she gave them remote access, and since then unauthorized money transactions had been made through her visa.

She called RCMP on Jan. 5 and they will follow up with visa, who will likely do their own investigations into the transactions, said Cpl. Geary.

Cpl. Geary advises people to be watchful for these types of calls and not to give computer access to those calling and asking for it, because it may open their computer up to be used for criminal activity and thefts through online banking.