RCMP deal with mischief around town

Police caught a male stealing recycling from homes in the area of Cooper Road and Hungerford Drive last week Tuesday.

Police caught a male stealing recycling from homes in the area of Cooper Road and Hungerford Drive.

RCMP Sgt. Steve Rose says police got report of the thief at 11:30 a.m. last week Tuesday, and attended and located the male, who had six large bags of recyclable bottles.

Police found that some of the bottles were stolen from a nearby home and are pursuing charges for theft under $5,000, said Sgt. Rose.

The investigation is ongoing and the owner for some of the bottles has been identified, but those living in the Cooper Road and Hungerford Drive area who had recycling go missing last week, are asked to contact Sgt. Rose at the Houston RCMP at 250-845-2204.


Police were called to a fire on Gushwa Road at 4:20 p.m. last week Tuesday.

Sgt. Rose says police and fire attended the home with the small grass fire, about four square metres, and the fire department put out the fire.


At 9 a.m. last week Monday, police got report of several young people damaging an abandoned home on tenth street.

Sgt. Rose says the youth were reported to have been damaging the deck rail and spindles on the abandoned home and throwing spindles around the parking lot and onto other properties.

Suspects for the ongoing damage have not been identified but police have notified the District of Houston who will follow up with the property owner to ensure the damaged property is made safe, said Sgt. Rose.


At 3:40 p.m. last week Monday, police got report of two drunk males on Tweedie Avenue who challenged the complainant to a fight as he was driving into his driveway.

Sgt. Rose says one was wearing jeans, a blue and while checkered hoodie and ball cap, and the other was wearing jeans, a black hoodie and a ball cap.

Police made patrols but didn’t find the males, last seen heading up the hill toward the apartments from Tweedie Ave., said Sgt. Rose.


Police were called at 8 a.m. last week Monday about a male banging on someone’s door looking for someone at about 1 a.m. that morning.

Sgt. Rose says the male became confrontational when he was told he was at the wrong place.

The male was not identified and police ask people to call immediately when something happens, so police can attend and deal with the concern.


Police got report at 11 a.m. last week Sunday that someone’s pickup truck rear window was broken overnight by a beer bottle.

Sgt. Rose says police seized parts of the broken bottle for forensic examination, and though police have no suspects, the case is still under investigation.


Police got report of mischief at 8:20 a.m. last week Sunday after someone saw that the light pole in the 7-11 parking lot had been struck and knocked over.

Sgt. Rose says nobody inside or outside of the store saw who was responsible but it was believed to have happened between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.

Police have no suspects, said Sgt. Rose.


At 5 a.m. last week Sunday, police got report of an unknown male knocking on someone’s door on Pearson Road.

Sgt. Rose says police attended, located the male who was drunk, and arrested him for breaching conditions to abstain from alcohol.

The male was lodged in cells, released and will face charges in the Houston court June 17, said Rose.


Police got report at 9:50 a.m. April 19 of a suspicious male hanging around the baseball diamond at Jamie Baxter Park.

Sgt. Rose says the male was reported to be 5’6” with red hair and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Police patrolled the area but did not find the male, said Rose.


Police got three mischief reports from the District of Houston at 11:30 a.m. April 24.

First, the District reported that sometime in the past two weeks, someone had damaged numerous power outlets on the Jamie Baxter Park Amphitheatre, said Sgt. Rose, adding that the outlets were repaired since then.

Second, the District reported that sometime before April 16, someone had damaged one of the dugouts at the Northside ballpark and left many broken glass bottles on the field, said Sgt. Rose.

Third, the District reported a break and enter into the log house at Four Seasons Park.

Sgt. Rose says at an unknown time, the park caretaker saw someone force entry into the building, but it did not appear that anything was stolen.

Sgt. Rose reminds the public that it is important for them to contact police immediately if they see damage or people causing damage to any of the parks.

That way police can make the damagers responsible for their actions, he said, adding that reporting it to the District of Houston after the fact does not help police identify who is responsible.