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Quick cat hotel once again available for wildfire evacuees

Donna Goodenough, owner of cat boarding facility knows it is difficult to travel with cats
Kalmar Cat Hotel on Quick Station Road is again offering space in 2024 for residents who need to evacuate and can’t take their cats with them. (Contributed photo)

As wildfire season gets underway, emergency services agencies are urging residents to have an evacuation plan, including provisions for pets.

Donna Goodenough owns Kalmar Cat Hotel on Quick Station Road, a cats-only boarding facility.

Last year, when wildfires were burning in the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District, including an out-of-control fire in the Powers Creek area that forced the evacuation of all dwellings and lands west of the Telkwa River, accessed via Tatlow Road, including local roads, Goodenough offered free space to residents to board their cats.

She said she had a few people take her up on the offer a cat with kittens from Houston and two cats from Burns Lake.

This year, if evacuations are again necessary, she said she will do the same.

“I’ve never had to be evacuated,” she said. “But it would be horrible for people to have to leave their pets behind. I just can’t imagine having to do that… because you can’t get your cat or something like that. But if you can catch the cat, bring it to me for however long you need. I’ll do that for them.”

She said, she feels pretty secure where she is and has taken fire mitigation measures including having fire fighting equipment on hand.

Goodenough knows it is difficult to travel with cats because most hotels won’t take them. She wants to alleviate some stress for those who may have to leave their homes temporarily. She added she will not charge those displaced by wildfires and if they can’t bring food or litter, she will supply that as well.

Anyone who needs help with their feline friends can call Donna at 250-926-0195.

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