Province funds dyke work

The District of Houston maintains the dyke using the $297,680 Small Communities Grant from the Province.

The District of Houston maintains the dyke using provincial grant funding.

Houston got $297,680 in a Small Communities Grant,  which is given annually to help sustain basic services.

Director of Finance William Wallace says the funding will be used for dyke maintenance and general services.

“These  grants are incredibly important to rural communities, especially given the smaller tax base they have to work with, versus the amount of services they provide to the community,” said Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad said.

“The funding will be well used and demonstrates our government’s commitment to build stronger, vibrant communities in every region of the province.”

Similar funding is also given to other Nechako Lakes communities.

Burns Lake got $309,218, Fort St. James $236,969, Fraser Lake $216,762, Vanderhoof $325,344, and the Regional District of Buckley-Nechako got$122,431.