Property tax notices in mail

Property Tax rates in the District of Houston will go up an overall of 1.8 percent on the municipal portion this year.

Property Tax rates in the District of Houston will go up an overall of 1.8 percent  on the municipal portion this year.

Tax notices will be in the mail to over 1,000 Houston property owners this week.

Property taxes make up about half of the District budget and nearly half of the revenue comes from major and light industry property taxes.

Mayor Bill Holmberg commented that we have had some of the lowest

tax increases in B.C. over the last two terms.

“It costs money to run a town, we cannot run it for nothing,” he said.

Holmberg said the Houston tax increase is lower than numerous neighbouring towns.

He said we have to keep up with inflation and the other side of it is that we have infrastructure falling apart that needs fixing and that costs money.

There is also an increase in the ‘Water Parcel Tax Bylaw’ with rates going from $1.90 to $3.00 per frontage foot.

The Sewer Parcel Tax is the same as last year.

Planning is continuing on the proposed new Water Treatment Plant.

District Chief Administrative Officer Linda Poznikoff said there will not be a referendum for the plant.

She said there is enough money to cover the project from the Gas Tax Grant and from money in District Reserves.

Since 2008 the District has put about $1 million a year into reserves toward the new Water Treatment Plant.