Planned power outage in Houston

BC Hydro has announced a planned power outage for Houston and surrounding areas.

The power outage is to start on Aug. 28, at 6 a.m. and will go on until 10 a.m.

It will affect 2825 – 3015 W 3rd St, 2757-2965 3rd St, 2920, 2950 W 5th St, 2770 – 3145 5th St, 2731, 2740, 2741 Bellecini Pl, 1966 – 2875 Elliott Crs, 2225 Glag St, 1957 – 2013 Goold Rd, 1925 HGillside Dr, 3125 Hwy 16, 1992 – 2020 Lahti Rd, 2705 – 2805 Middleton Rd, 2700, 2720, 2735 Middleton St, 2715 Middleton Cres, 2226, 2236 N Nadina Ave, 1965 – 2995 Nadina Way, 2801 -2986 Olsson Rd, 2895 – 2970 Pearson Rd, 2600-2700 Rail St, 2289 and 2299 Tweedie Ave.

BC Hydro says it needs to cut power to work on its equipment.

Last week, on Aug. 18, a planned outage affected Burns Lake, Decker Lake, Endako, Francois Lake, Grassy Plains, other areas of Houston, Noralee, Priestley, Southbank, Takysie Lake and Topley.

The Aug. 28 outage will affect 229 customers.

BC Hydro says it is important to keep one’s contact information up to date in their MyHydro account so that they can be contacted faster if there are any changes to the outage.

BC Hydro also recommends that before a planned outage begins, residents should turn off your lights, electric heaters and major appliances to protect them during the outage.

It is also important to note that for the first hour after the power comes back on, people should only plug in or turn on those electronics and appliances that they really need, as this gives the system time to stabilize and prevents it from getting overloaded.

To find more such tips and guidance on how to prepare for an outage, people can visit: