Butler Ave. is one of the local streets awaiting new pavement now that the old asphalt layer has been removed. (Anqelique Houlihan photo)

Paving crews scheduled to return Sept. 26

Extra help part of plan to finish this year’s paving program

District of Houston officials are saying the paving contractor hired for this summer’s paving program is due back beginning Sept. 26 after leaving the community with the work uncompleted the beginning of the month.

LB Paving got as far as grinding up old asphalt, leaving people commenting on rough-surface roads.

And when LB Paving returns, it is bringing with it a sister company from Fort St. John.

“The initial crew that was in town in August just marked out the paving areas for 2022 and completed the street grinding on the streets that needed layers of pavement removed before installing new pavement,” says District of Houston chief executive officer Michael Dewar.

“The other streets identified in the 2022 paving program are getting a pavement overlay installed.”

Sections of streets were the old asphalt has been removed and which will have new asphalt laid down are on Hungerford, Butler, Goold and Elliot as well as the Mountainview and Baggerman intersection.

LP Paving is part of Terus Construction and was the only company to submit pricing for this year’s paving program.

Council had originally budgeted $800,000 for the work but when the pricing came in at $225,000 over that figure, council reallocated money set aside for next year’s paving program to fill the financing gap.