This Houston brand was chosen based on public vote.

This Houston brand was chosen based on public vote.

Over 300 public votes decide new Houston logo

The District of Houston has a new logo, after a branding process involving a design consultant and public voting.

The District of Houston has a new brand and slogan: Naturally Amazing.

Last year, council hired Thornley Creative Communications with grant funding to meet with local people and develop Houston brands based on public input.

Council then chose two brands and two slogans for the public to vote on.

Between June 20 and July 10, council got 305 votes from the public.

Mayor Bill Holmberg says he is very pleased with public participation.

Chief Administrative Officer Michael Glavin says credit goes to the Chamber of Commerce.

“They went door-to-door, they went to A&W and other establishments in town to talk to people having their coffees and such,” he said.

Of the 305 votes, 224 voted on the chosen brand and 80 on the other. Of that same 305 votes, 165 chose the slogan “Naturally Amazing,” and 139 voted “Real Life, Real People.”

The new brand will replace the old logo over time, as equipment and signs are replaced, said Councillor Shane Brienen.

Mayor Bill Holmberg said he was pleased with brands developed by the consultants.

“They did a great job,” he said, adding that chosen brand was “one of his favourites.”

Councillor Jonathan Van Barneveld agreed.

“I think it fits us well,” he said.