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Northwest school district holds off on employee vaccination mandate

Decision reached in a closed meeting
School District 54 decides not to mandate employee vaccines. (File photo)

School District 54 won’t be demanding its employees show proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic, its board has determined.

The decision was reached in a closed meeting last night (Jan 25).

“In its decision, the board reserved the right to revisit the decision at a later date if necessary,” a brief statement released this morning by board chair Jennifer Williams indicated.

“As this was an in-camera staffing matter, the board will not be making further comments at this time,” the statement added.

The board had been discussing the matter internally since the latter part of last year.

That followed a provincial government decision allowing school districts to make up their own minds about whether employees should be vaccinated or not.

But the district has been clear that vaccinations are a key part to dealing with the pandemic.

It can use, if decided in conjunction with public health officials, a provincial health order giving medical health officers the power to order school districts to collect the vaccination status of its employees.

That public health order is widely regarded as relieving school districts from having to issue the order by themselves.

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