The new location for Bulkley River Veterinary Services, on North Nadina Drive just across the road from its current home, has been cleared. Rezoning is now in process through the District of Houston. (Anqelique Houlihan photo)

New vet building contemplated in Houston

Bylaws are being prepared which would permit the construction of a veterinarian’s clinic and pet crematorium, once a building permit had been applied for and issued, at 2016 Nadina Ave., currently a piece of vacant land.

And that’s to add veterinary clinics and related pet crematorium as a permitted use in the C2 Service Commercial Zone there, effectively adding flexibility to the official community plan for what is now considered an area for tourism-associated businesses.

The objectives of the official community plan to support additional non-tourism business in the highway commercial land use area would also be revised.

Council did not accept a first recommendation proposal, that being to change the official community plan land use designation to public and institutional, allowing for a zoning change to public and institutional to then follow.

Council’s decision follows a request by Bulkley River Veterinary Services Ltd. which is now located across the road from its current location.

Information accompanying the company’s application indicates that in addition to its current services, it wants to recruit a vet specializing in large animals so that farm calls could be made.

“Staff have identified that this proposal would result in the development of a vacant parcel and support the overall objective of the official community plan to limit urban sprawl and concentrate development within the Urban Service Area,” read a briefing memo to council written by chief administrative officer Gerald Pinchbeck.

Construction at that location would maximize use of existing infrastructure without requiring costly extensions such as watermains, sewer mains and roads.