Lunch, other activities on Houston Link to Learning’s Christmas list

Seniors to have lunch, goody bags delivered

A volunteer with Houston Link to Learning has prepared goody bags that will be delivered to seniors along with a Christmas lunch Dec. 16. (Houston Link to Learning photo)

Houston Link to Learning’s major Christmas event takes place Dec. 16.

And it is adjusting its December schedule so as to accommodate a full range of Christmas-related activities.

“We have lots going on for Christmas this year. As we are still under the public health order, it’s a little different again this year, but still lots of good things,” says manager Marian Ells.

On Dec. 16 Houston Link to Learning is providing a take out Christmas lunch for anyone in the community that would like one with pickup from Link to Learning’s building beginning at 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

December 16 is also the day for a free delivery for seniors of the Christmas lunch and, says Ells, “thanks to a fabulous volunteer, a goody bag.”

“If anyone knows a senior that would enjoy this please call us and register them for a delivery. We will have a crew of volunteers that day delivering to the seniors in the community,” she added.

More information about Dec. 16’s food offerings is available at 250-845-2727.

Families with children 0 to 8 years can register their child for a goody bag through Link to Learning’s ‘Stories with Santa’ program. Collection of the bags is at the same time as the Dec. 16 Christmas lunch pick up.

“The actual ‘Stories with Santa’ will be on line on our ‘Houston Family Resource’ Facebook page and will be available at 1 p.m. and anytime after that,” said Ells.

”We are very grateful that Santa is taking the time out of his busy schedule to read some stories!”

As far as Link to Learning’s regular programs, its bi-weekly recipe bag program that would normally be ready Dec. 16, is delayed until Dec. 20.

The food kitchen program that is usually twice weekly will operate as usual Dec. 20 and the next kitchen date will be Dec. 30.

“After that we will be back to normal every Monday and Thursday, excluding statutory holidays,” said Ells.