The shopping centre located at 82 Hagan St. (File photo/Houston Today)

The shopping centre located at 82 Hagan St. (File photo/Houston Today)

Lodge owner asked to fix up abandoned property

Collapsed roof threatens building’s viability

The abandoned Mammoth Lodge at 62 Hagan needs its roof repaired immediately to prevent the structure falling into further disrepair resulting in the need to demolish it completely, says a building inspection report prepared for the Village of Granisle.

The report, from Bulkley-Nechako regional district building inspector Richard Wainwright, is now being sent by the village to the property owner with a request for a timely response.

As it is, the property owner had indicated some remedial work would be done this past summer, but none did take place.

Left vacant for some years now, a large portion of the roof of the two-store structure collapsed in the winter of 2017 and although the property owner covered the area with tarps in the spring of 2018, those have now deteriorated allowing moisture to penetrate the interior of the building.

“The public areas in the building, which include the restaurant/lounge located in the basement and the hotel reception area on the first floor are in disrepair,” Wainwright noted following a November site visit.

“These two areas are partially located below the collapsed portion of the roof and have been subjected to significant water damage. Mold and mildew were observed at the underside of the floor sheathing on both floors.”

Wainwright also noticed rodents have taken up residence.

Despite water damage elsewhere, Wainwright said areas underneath intact portions of the roof are in relatively good condition.

“Most of the exterior wood-framed decks are in poor conditioin and will have to be replaced,” he continued.

In his recommendations to council, Wainwright called for the property owner to hire a structural engineer to prepare a detailed design for the roof repair.

“There are a number of building code issues with respect to the design,” he said.

The village has already been in touch with its law firm about various options.

Those include issuing a remedial action requirement to the owner to protect the property from the elements and, if not, the village take action if the owner does not.

That could also extend to an eventual demolition order, he added.

The Mammoth Lodge is the second large problem derelict property before the village.

The other is the former shopping centre location at 82 Hagan which also has fallen into extreme disrepair and, like Mammoth Lodge, has had an responsive owner in regards to future plans.